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Doctor smiling with new patientNew Patients

We’re pleased that you’re considering having us join your health care team! We know you’d like to have an idea of what you can expect when you come in. Here, you can read about our proven and simple, three-step process to help our patients.

Step #1: Risk-Free Consultation

First, at no cost, Dr. Adolph will sit down with you and discuss your health problems and our approach to helping you solve them, including a review of your MRI, X-ray or CAT scan reports, and verification of your insurance coverage.

Step #2: Initial Evaluation

Next, Dr. Adolph will do a thorough examination and other tests to locate the exact cause of your problem. We’ll need a couple of hours to develop, analyze and study the X-rays and correlate that with the findings from your consultation and examination, so we’ll have you schedule for a subsequent visit.

Step #3: Report of Findings

Finally, Dr. Adolph will give you an honest, straightforward and no-pressure report of findings. If appropriate, he will design a treatment plan to get you out of pain as quickly as possible and to ultimately help you get back to your normal life. If Dr. Adolph can help you, he will tell you. And if he cannot help you, he will tell you that, too.

Book Your Free Consultation

Call now to schedule your consultation and MRI/X-ray/CAT scan review with Dr. Adolph! CareCredit is accepted at our office.

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