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About Chiropractic Care

About Chiropractic Care

About SpinaLife

Dr. Mitch Adolph has been delivering quality chiropractic care to the greater Baltimore community since 1979. He is backed by 3 decades of experience in the chiropractic profession. SpinaLife was founded in 2006 and has become the area’s leading non-surgical and drugless spinal health and wellness center.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, we strive to create relationships with our patients that will last a lifetime.

3 Goals of Chiropractic Care

Each person is unique, and therefore responds to treatment differently. Healing times vary between people, and other factors often influence how a person responds to care. The type of work a person does, individual stress levels, weight, and other health problems must be considered when someone seeks chiropractic care. Each person’s care has to be designed especially for his or her needs – it’s not a “one size fits all” kind of care.

Phase 1: Relief Phase

This phase often begins with the patient presenting for treatment in pain from a recent injury or a chronic condition. The patient’s spine is usually quite unstable during the early part of this phase. Chiropractic care during this phase is started gently, with lighter force techniques to provide care that is effective, yet as comfortable as possible. Since recent injuries and chronic conditions cause the spine to be out of balance and unstable, the spine often does not hold its corrective chiropractic adjustments well, necessitating more frequent visits during this phase. Symptoms ease quickly for some and more slowly for others. It is critical that patients keep their appointments and follow any lifestyle recommendations made by their Doctor of Chiropractic to obtain the relief, spinal balance and spinal stability necessary for proper healing to begin. Because no two people or their conditions are alike, the visit frequency and length of this phase can differ.
Chiropractic care

Phase 2: Corrective Phase

During this phase the patient’s symptoms may have completely disappeared and spinal stability is beginning to return, but much healing still needs to occur. Discontinuing care at this time would likely result in a quick relapse of symptoms and a return to spinal imbalance. As this phase continues spinal stability and strength improve. Visit frequency can now begin to decrease as home exercises and stretches are begun to aid in achieving lasting correction and spinal stability, resulting in improved quality of life and health. Again, since no two people or their conditions are alike, the visit frequency and length of this phase can differ. 
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Phase 3: Spinal Maintenance/Wellness Phase

This phase begins when your spine has become stable and is handling the stresses of life better. This is when a patient continues to maintain a healthy lifestyle and their chiropractor recommends a routine of regular chiropractic spinal checkups and adjustments as necessary to maintain a healthy spine and nervous system. Maintenance care visit frequency depends on how severe the spinal imbalances were at the onset of care (i.e. disc problems, arthritis) and how much correction was possible. It also depends on the extent the patient has gotten involved with their health; after all, doing more “right” things right and less “wrong” things wrong (making better healthy lifestyle choices) will yield better results in all 3 phases of care. The typical maintenance patient will enjoy better health and quality of life by having their spine checked regularly for a lifetime. 
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Frank D.
"For two months before I came to Dr. Adolph, I was having very acute and unrelenting pain across my lower right lumbar area and right thigh. Every treatment I had tried either did not work or gave me only temporary relief. I, therefore, decided to try Spinal Decompression Therapy. Thanks to Dr. Adolph, right now I am completely pain-free since my symptoms disappeared several months ago. While undergoing Spinal Decompression Therapy, I got a complete resolution of my symptoms after only six weeks of treatment. I must say that this is the best my back has felt for over forty years. I would recommend this therapy to anyone who has back issues not resolved with conventional therapies. I have told numerous people about this therapy and hopefully, they will follow through with treatment. My experience at SpinaLife, from the doctors to the staff was very comforting, pleasant, and reassuring. Great office for a SICK BACK!"

Frank D.
Ron O.
"My back hurt so bad that I was unable to function. I couldn’t bend over or get in and out of my car or my bed. I felt so bad that tears would come whenever I moved. Now I can’t believe how good I feel. My body feels 10-15 years younger and my ability to do things is just wonderful. I will refer anyone who tells me about their back pain. The attention to patient needs was excellent. The employees work great with the patients and their attitude is A Class Act."

Ron O.
"I just wish I had done it two years ago! I can't believe it. Three weeks ago I was in such pain that I could barely walk. I had problems with my lower spine, three herniated discs and the sciatic nerve going down my left leg felt like it was on fire. Now, I feel like a new man. I'm pain-free and eve back to golfing again. I just wish I had done it two years ago!"

Al H.
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